I am Floortje van Osch, a Nijmegen (the Netherlands) based graphic designer, illustrator and web developer, working independently since 2008.

What can I offer you?

Whether you need a complete visual identity for your brand or personal project, illustrations, a poster, or a fully original and smashing website, I can work my magic for you with untamed energy and deep respect for you and your project.

How does the process go?

We always start with exchanging rough (or maybe already detailed and concrete) ideas for the design that I will develop for you. You might have color preferences or other elements that you like to see back in the design. To see a more detailed description of what you can expect from me and how I like to work, check the individual services pages.

Can you call me from the other side of the world?

Yes! I speak fluent English, Spanish and Dutch. Once, when I was living in the Mexican Caribbean, I had a Dutch client who was based in Jakarta. Because of our timezone difference being a round 12 hours, we had to be creative to find a time to speak to each other, but we managed to work that out! Now I’m confident I can work with people all around the globe without any problem.

What defines my work?

My illustrations ‘feel’ like they were painted or hand drawn. I love the combination of rough brushes and textures, with clean shapes, forms and lines.

My websites are always original. As much as I sometimes would like to standardise stuff, to make it easier (and faster) for myself, I literally always end up creating something entirely new for each project. No originality, no fun, for me. Find out more about my website design and development here.